• Reviewed by: dixiegirl010270  on: 2019/1/12 20:53:44
    benefit for sister who has terminal cancer as many of you are aware I have done many benefits for many people . This time it hits deep my only sister . I'm asking for donations to raffle off at a benefit for her .Hotel Stay, Dinner, Movies, ETC. I'm planning on having a poker run and dinner and auction after. it will be in mid February just have to confirm the stops and I will get a flyer made with all the details , stops food etc. cost per rider bike or car is $10.00 includes meal at end. Please mail donations to Leeanne Lovelace (Keeney) 4342 Cross Cut Trail, Myrtle Beach , SC 29579 (843) 503-9779 Thanks C/O Brenda Jehle Benefit
  • Reviewed by: doug  on: 2018/5/29 9:18:49
    Dear owner/operator of New China Buffett,It looks like you are serving some excellent Chinese Food!My area of expertise is helping owner/operators like you to improve the most critical elements of your restaurant, increase customer visits and profitability.I have taken a look at your recent health inspection report, and some of the reviews for your restaurant on the internet and after conducting this research, I’ve put together a free case study for you along with some tips for helping you out.You can review your case study by visiting the following URL:https://sevenpointconsulting.com/report.aspx?casestudy=SCSBNC1700Douglas HungerfordRestaurant Consultanthttps://sevenpointconsulting.com803-639-8086
  • Reviewed by: doug  on: 2018/5/29 9:18:31
  • Reviewed by: expecting2ndbaby  on: 2018/2/4 8:41:04
    I love this place. I eat here at least once a month. They have made some beautiful upgrades recently as well.
  • Reviewed by: tylersp12  on: 2018/12/25 11:15:02
    During my visit with my family on Christmas Day the restaurant was not very busy and the food was subpar, and inadequate. Also, Instead of leaving a leaving a standard 18% tip to the server ‘Ling’ with short black hair I went above and beyond giving a $20.00 tip because of her kindness, professionalism, and outgoing personality. It was not her fault due to the food.
  • Reviewed by: blrayman  on: 2018/12/20 5:27:08
    Will you be open Christmas Day?
  • Reviewed by: bill_cel  on: 2017/12/19 6:49:06
    How late is the lunch price available?Thanks,bill_cel@yahoo.com
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2009-06-26T00:00:00
    I'ma seafood and Chinese food enthusiast and this is, by far, the WORST place I have ever eaten. The food was overcooked, undercooked, or should never have been cooked. Easy items like fried shrimp and General Tso's Chicken were butchered. The 'sushi' was pathetic and incredibly bland. It's sticky rice and avocado, the easiest sushi to make, and they managed to ruin it. The kicker to all this? Even their soft serve ice cream tasted terrible. I've been sick for two whole days after eating there. I've got mild food poisoning from New China Buffet. My vacation has been ruined. I'd advise you to look elsewhere for your dinner.?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2009-05-29T00:00:00
    The chinese food while bland and tasteless had a wide selection from poorly attempted American cuisine to a sad attempt at Japanese Sushi. The crab legs increased the bill by $7 and were either poorly cooked or they obtained them from the dumpster of a restaurant who could not sell them in time. If you dont usually eat Chinese/sushi , or crab you might be fooled by the food but if you actually have taste buds stay away.?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2009-01-04T00:00:00
    This place has a good variety of Chinese food. The only drawback is not having crab legs on the buffet. Besides that it is a great time and family friendly ...?
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